Hi there, thanks for stopping by.

My name is Patrícia Figueiredo and I have been dedicating some of my time doing Illustration, Animation and Graphic Design. I was born in Portugal and am currently based in Porto.
Apart from my work and usually not stopping me from doing it I have a three legged cat and frequent hiccups.

If you wish to talk about a project or have any question don't hesitate to contact me.


(for more information about my work background, see below)


2018 Graphic Design Training, Cepegra, Brussels 
2017 Master's Degree in Illustration and Animation, IPCA, Portugal
Dissertation: "From movement to narrative: Study of the body expression of the animated character". Available here (in Portuguese)
2008 Degree in Fine Arts - Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto
2008 Graphic Arts/Animated Film, Erasmus Program, Academy of Fine Arts of Cracow 

Illustrated Books
2022 A Cegonha sem vergonha, written by Richard Zimler, Porto Editora
2020 Na terra dos animais falantes, written by Richard Zimler, Porto Editora
2016 O rapaz que queria agarrar o Sol, written by Maria da Conceição Vicente, Trinta Por Uma Linha
2013 Os dois irmãos e a bruxa, written by Carlos Nogueira, Tcharan

2013 A fuga da ervilha, written by Pedro Seromenho, Paleta de Letras

Illustrated Books (collective)
2017 Ligados em Rede, Abysmo
2017 Viagens - Manual de Português, Porto Editora
2015 A inocência das Facas, Tcharan
2015/16/19 Histórias da Ajudaris, Ajudaris

Animated films
2014 Foi o fio, Filmógrafo / Cine Clube de Avanca, Portugal
2008 Pozytywka, Academy of Fine Arts of Cracow, Poland

Awards and Recognitions
2021 Honorable Mention at 3x3 Pro Show for "Na terra dos animais falantes"
2015 Best Student Film, Ajayu Festival, Peru
2015 Best Short Animated Film, Divercine Festival, Uruguay
2015 2nd Prize, Monstronale Festival, Germany
2015 Special Mention - Diploma Prize, Tindirindis Festival, Lithuania
2015 Best Short Animated Film, Porto 7 Festival, Portugal
2015 Prize Mini Córtex, Córtex Festival, Portugal
2015 2nd Prize, Sé Video Festival, Portugal
2014 Young Portuguese Director, Cinanima Festival, Portugal
2015 Nominated for the Sophia Prizes - Animation, Portuguese Academy of Cinema
2014 Best Short Animated Film, Avanca Festival, Portugal
2014 Nominated for the National Animation Prize by Casa da Animação, Portugal
2009 Best Short Animated Film, Porto7 Festival, Portugal

Work for Animated Films
2023 Animator for the short film Three Comma Fourteen, directed by Patrícia Rodrigues and Joana Nogueira (in prod.)
2022 Animator and Painter for the short film Olha, directed by Nuno Amorim
2022 Inbetweener and Clean-up artist for the short film Sopa Fria, directed by Marta Monteiro
2021 Animator and Clean-up Artist for the short film O teu nome é, directed by Paulo Patrício
2019 Animation assistant for the short film On n'est pas près d'être des super-héros, directed by Lia Bertels
2019 Clean-up artist for the short film Purpleboy, directed by Alexandre Siqueira

Solo Exhibitions
2014 Bestiário Oximorónico: Casos Culinários, Mercado na Loja, Viana do Castelo
2014 Bestiário Oximorónico: Casos Literários. Livraria Velhotes, Gaia, Portugal
2013 Exhibition of original Illustrations, Livraria Papa-Livros, Porto 

Collective Exhibitions (selection)
2021 Ilustração Portuguesa, Festa da Ilustração, Setúbal
2019 Braga 22x22, Braga em Risco

2018 Mostra de Ilustração 6x4, Biblioteca Almeida Garrett, Porto
2018 Braga 22x22, Braga em Risco

2017 Guests7.0, Trefilerie, Brussels
2017 Ilustração Portuguesa, Festa da Ilustração de Setúbal 
2017 Mulher de Negro, Espaço Porto Cruz
2015 PIM! Mostra de Ilustração, Folio Ilustra, Óbidos
2015 Imagens para pensar estórias, Bienal de Gaia, Espaço Porto Cruz
2014 Outro modo de ler, Texto e imagem na edição para a infância, Biblioteca Almeida Garrett
2013 Peter Pan - Palavras para que vos quero, Biblioteca Almeida Garrett
2013 Adão ou Eva no Jardim do Éden, Espaçomar, Funchal
2013 Laissez Faire, Porto
2012 Trienal de Desenho, IPCA, Barcelos
2012 Memória e Destruição, Porto
2010 Alice?, Livraria Papa-Livros, Porto

Workshops and Presentations
2013 Co-direction of the workshop The Drawing of Characters. From 2D to 3D in Animation, Cinanima Animation Festival, Espinho
2012 Coordination of the workshop Exploring the artistic direction in animated films directed by Natalia Mirzoyan, Avanca Festival
2012 The Object Book Designed for Children, paper presented at CONFIA - International Conference of Illustration and Animation, Ofir



Copyright © 2023 by Patricia Figueiredo. All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2023 by Patricia Figueiredo. All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2023 by Patricia Figueiredo. All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2023 by Patricia Figueiredo. All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2023 by Patricia Figueiredo. All Rights Reserved